The Game

The 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition game was RAPID REACT presented by The Boeing Company. Alliances of three teams each competed to earn the most points by scoring cargo in the hub. At the end of each match, robots climbed the inclined rungs of the hangar. See the Game Reveal Video and Game Manual for more information. 

Casper CAD

Below are CAD models for Casper, our 2022 robot for the Rapid React competition. The first model is of the robot we brought to competition. For detailed descriptions of the mechanisms, see our Technical Binder. The second model is a redesign we did that includes a turret outtake and our custom swerve drive (the swerve drive was built and used on our 2023 robot - look here for more information about it!). 

Casper 2.0

Photos and Videos